How to Clean Spark Plugs


Spark plugs are important components in petrol engines that make the vehicle run smoothly, so it’s good to keep the plugs clean to provide optimal performance. The only way to avoid repairs, replacements and maintain the spark plugs is by cleaning them frequently.

Cleaning spark plugs is essential. It is usually best to replace old and dirty spark plugs. If you can’t afford to replace it with new plugs, then cleaning will suffice. It can keep your vehicle running nice and smoothly again for thousands of miles.

Cleaning spark plugs is a mechanical task, it can be done even by a beginner in the mechanic field and DIYer can do it effectively. In any case, there are various methods to clean spark sparks.

While you’ve a plan to clean spark plugs, you need to remove them. Access the plugs by removing them.

Removing Spark Plugs

If it’s challenging for you to find the spark plugs in your vehicle, then locate by tracing the ignition coil or spark plug wire. Once you’ve found the spark plug, clean the debris and dirt around the area to prevent them from falling into plug holes.

If dirt or debris stay in the spark plug holes while taking off the plugs, it could cause catastrophic damages. Blowing off the junk with canned or compressed air. Remove the plug wires one at a time.

Method 1: Cleaning spark plugs through sandpaper

Have you heard that a sandpaper will be efficient for cleaning spark plugs? The answer is yes. Here is how you can clean spark plugs by using sandpaper.

Remove the spark plug from the engine system carefully, and carefully use sandpaper of about 170 or more to get rid of dirt, debris, or other particles.
Gently fold the sandpaper and cut it into half, then place it between the electrodes and the arm to remove any deposits.
The space between the electrode and the insulator should be clear to clean the debris from the groove. Use a thin wire or pin to reach the groove.
To clean the sanded particle, just flip the spark plug and get the electrode side down.

Method 2: Cleaning spark plugs with grit blasting technique

Many professional service centres use grit blasters to clean a spark plug in a quickie. Grit blasting machine is available now to clean the spark plug, but it could be costly.

Let’s try the inexpensive and easier method to clean the spark plugs

Use a gapping tool or a screwdriver to make space.
Clean the treads with a soft wire brush if there is any dirt or debris.
Clean the entire plug, the outer portions with a soft cloth to get rid of excess dirt, and also clean the ceramic part of the plug well.

Cleaning spark plug using compressed air

This is a very easy method to clean the spark plug. Once you have checked and found the spark plug in the engine, just remove the dirt and junk from the area,

Make sure that the spark plug is removed carefully from the engine body before applying compressed air.
If there are any dirt or dust particles around the spark plug, just spray the compressed air around it.
Do not overuse it. Compressed gas will move even the bigger particles swiftly and not throw them in another hole or part.
After the particles are loosely moved, take a cloth and clean it gently.

These are some of the methods for cleaning the spark plugs!